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The idea of hosting weddings at ECOTAY has a very innocent beginning... little did we know that it would blossom into a full-blown demand for couples dreaming of creating a country-style wedding. 
In 2007, Michael’s daughter Alex, and her beau Ryan, had the idea that if the Horse Shed was just cleaned up, with windows scrubbed and doors painted, that it would be a perfect setting to celebrate their marriage vows. Friends and family swooped in from all around to join in the fray, paintbrushes and scrub cloths in-hand, to turn their concept into a reality. It was a very special time - made extra special by the fact that Alex’ mother, Kitty, was still alive at

the time and took the greatest of joy in the planning and flurry of activity leading up to the Big Event.

One might think that this would be a one-time event here at the farm. But indeed, it lead to several years of restoration frenzy that would put these barns and this site at the top of the list for brides-to-be as a unique place to hold their nuptials.

Thanks Alex and Ryan - we’ve always known that you are trend-setters - just look at some of these great wedding shots to see what you started!

Alex and Ryan 


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